Che-Chia Chang, Master Degree in Architect, Val de Seine, France. / Photographer with various specialties.

Born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan, Chang was inspired by artist Lang Jingshan in his early youth. He has a passion in research and enjoys experimenting through different processes when creating his work.

In 2004, he started creating his work after the original purchase of his first consumer camera. Following the next 13 years, he moved up to high-end consumer cameras to create his photography.

In 2005, he decided to change his major from Information Technology to Architecture because he fell in love with Art.


In 2006, his interior designs was reported by the National Art Education Center of Taiwan and published in the 23rd issue of the publication "DIY" in the magazine "Beautiful Home". His other works were also published in several other popular magazines.

During his school year, his work continued to thrive, not only having been published on several popular magazines but also receiving various rewards and recognitions on and off campus which helped him to gain confidence and decide to have his career Art and Design.


In 2007, he held his first personal photo exhibition “Impression of Europe” at the Chaoyang Science and Technology Gallery after visiting several European countries in summer.


In 2008, he went to Paris to pursue his education in ART. Soon after that, he received his language diploma in French (DELF) from the University of Paris.


In 2011, he received his degree in Photography from Ecole des Beaux-arts de Versailles and in that same year enrolled in the Architecture department at EPSAA - Ecole Professionnelle Supérieure d’Arts graphiques et d’Architecture. He soon went back to his undergraduate department in order to have a solid foundation of the Western education model instead of starting his graduate programs.


During the years between 2008-2011, he used various lamps as tools to incorporate innovative ways of photography to create 6 projects of “Light” series which were inspired by abstract paintings.

In 2009-2015, he taught calligraphy and organized an annual photography competition at the public Jean de La Fontaine High School in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.


In 2013, his work "Paradise 2010-1" was selected for the Paris Autumn Salon. Later, he was invited to hold his “Paradise” series of photography works by Mrs. Sandrine FONSECA, the president of the Fine Arts School of Villejuif in Paris. His work “Paris” also became recognized as an official collection by the City of Paris.

Between 2014-16, he extended his social networking in the art circle by receiving support and learning new skills from other talented friends and artists. They are Christine LADEVEZE (ceramics and sculptors) and Jean-Marie DUVIGNEAU (the co-founder of Primal International Trade) in France.

In 2014, he enrolled in the school of Architecture for the master program at the National Institute of Architecture in Val de Seine, Paris. His paper “Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Construction Field" was highly recognized by his professors. Also his “Paradise” photography series was selected to be exhibited by both the organizers of the Florence Biennale and the Salon des indépendants.

In 2016, his “Paradise” series won a special reward in the national art competition in France which was organized by French papermaker Clairefontaine and L’Etudiant Education Magazine. He also received an interview with the Salon des formations artistiques at the Porte de Versailles.

In the spring of 2017, he participated in the National Art Creation Competition organized by French paper merchant Canson, ranking 5th among 1,500 participants. In June, he became a certified national architect in France. In September, his “Paradise” series was exhibited at the Salon d’Automne in Paris and became on the collection of the ambassador of Taiwan in France, Mr. Shang Mingshonge. By end of 2017, he worked for Vincent Bourgoin Architects in Viroflay, Paris as an architectural photographer. He was inspired and started to focus on more Architecture related photography during this time. He also started shifting from using consumer cameras to professional photography equipment in the same year.


In the early 2018, he was honored and hired to teach "Architectural Photography" at National Higher School of Real Estate Management in Paris by the President Mr. Tarik Bouchaouir. In December 2018, he became a member of the Chinese Photography Education Association. In the same year, he was ranked 22/140 in the French Trophée béton architectural design competition.

In 2019, He became an architect and worked at the world’s top 90 companies of architects, Richez associés. He volunteered his professional services during several company events, and because of his good work ethic and high quality of art, the firm he worked for also decided to hired him for his professional photography services in the future covering various events as well as assigned him more projects in architecture.


While continuing to engage in photography, participating competitions and holding more exhibitions, Changs skills have become more diverse due to having more experience in both portrait photography and professional architectural photography.


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